Company Recommendations

We are always happy to hear from our customers about their experiences of relocations organized by TRANSNATIONAL PET DELIVERY.

We greatly appreciate expertise

“Moving company TRANSNATIONAL PET DELIVERY has done a great job. We were frankly a little worried about our belongings, but that was totally unnecessary! All our belongings arrived without any problems in Tahiti after 10 weeks – not a thing was missing. It was my 12th and longest, farthest relocation, but thanks to TRANSNATIONAL PET DELIVERY, it was also my best. Nothing was broken, there was no mould, and no water. We truly, truly appreciate your expertise!”

Den Haag (The Netherlands) – Tahiti

A problem-free relocation

“I would like to thank TRANSNATIONAL PET DELIVERY very much for everything. The relocation went through flawlessly and I am extremely happy with the service that you provided to us. From the very beginning, it was obvious that you had a cohesive team of people and Martin, Nils and Joost were very enthusiastic about the company. It is seldom that one sees such cohesion and consistency and it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much!”

Wassenaar (The Netherlands) - Winterthur (Switzerland)

For TRANSNATIONAL PET DELIVERY, the customer is king

“We particularly appreciate that your moving company not only executed the relocation for us from Amsterdam to Berlin, and fully satisfied all the commitments you had made to us, but we were particularly amazed by the incredible aftercare you provided us. When you have TRANSNATIONAL PET DELIVERY working for you, the customer feels like a king, and we will be strongly recommending your name to others! We will definitely hire TRANSNATIONAL PET DELIVERY in the future as well. We wish you every success in the future!”

Ms. Gatti Balsarri, Berlin (Germany)

An extremely happy and satisfied customer

“I wanted to thank you for the organization and the fantastic work both Martin and Nils put in during the relocation, which was completed within 2 days. Both are an excellent asset to your business. They never complain, are always polite and extremely professional. Good ambassadors for future business. I am an extremely happy and satisfied customer. Thank them for their great work.”

Brunswick, Germany - Amsterdam and Zurich


Brunswick, Germany - Amsterdam and Zurich

“I have never had the chance to tell you that TRANSNATIONAL PET DELIVERY delivered excellent work during our relocation to Brussels!”

Bergen (The Netherlands) - Brussels (Belgium)